Crushed green olives in brine

Name of product: crushed green olives in brine
Commercial category: fermented food of plant origin
Cultivar: Nocellara Belice
Harvest Date: October / November
Method of Harvest: Harvested by hand
Production area: Valle del Belice
Appearance: olives in brine
Shape of fruit: iron
Color: Green
Size of Fruit: core diameter of between 16 mm and 24 mm
Method of tanning: crushing the olives, in brine fermentation and acidification
Heat treatment: none
PH of the brine at the end of the process: 3.5 4.0
Concentration of sodium chloride: 8% 10%
Acidifying: citric acid or lactic acid or acetic acid according to good manufacturing techniques (ref. Codex Alimentarius)
Storage: PET-liter drums 180 to 220 lt, 19 lt buckets
Storage: in cool, dry and protected from light
Document: ska04
Revision: 1 / 2009

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