Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chilli

Product: Dressing made ​​with extra virgin unfiltered olive oil and red pepper.
Commercial category: food seasonings.
Olive varieties: Monovarietal Nocellara grown in the valley of Belice.
Harvest Date: October / November.
Method of Harvest: Harvested by hand.
Production area: Valley of Belice.
Extraction System: a continuous cycle of three phases, cold infusion flavored chili dried fruits.
Draw: within 24 hours of collection.

Appearance: hazy.
Color: Green with golden load.
Perfume: olive just molita with strong scents of pepper.
Taste: fruity, medium to intense, grassy, ​​bitter and spicy high. Heat treatment: none.

Packaging: with your system, after a period of natural settling.
Storage: preferably in a cool dry place, protected from light.
Packaging: in brown glass bottles by L. 0.25, L. 0.50, L. 0.75; milk in tin plate by L. 3 and L. 5.
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Revision: 1 / 2009

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